Why Getting a New Job Is Scary

You’re not happy in your current position, and you probably should look for something else. The problem is the idea of job hunting makes you feel panicky. So, maybe you’ll just stay where you are. If this endless loop sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Here’s why getting a new job is scary and what you… Read More »

Signs Your Job Expectations Are Set Too High

You can’t seem to find a job you like. So, what’s the problem? Are you picking the wrong positions? Or are your job expectations set too high? Your Job Expectations May Be Too High If… Your Dream Job Is Too Dreamy What if… you could work a few hours each week, have everything work out… Read More »

Are These 5 Fears Keeping You from Applying to Jobs?

Searching for work isn’t easy, and it can be downright scary. Are these 5 fears keeping you from applying to jobs? If so, here’s how to conquer them. 5 Fears Keeping You from Applying to Jobs Fear of the Unknown When you apply for a job, you have NO idea what might happen. As Jon… Read More »

How Grounded Enthusiasm Makes for a Successful Interview

You’re trying to land a new job. So, what can you do to improve your odds? Here’s how grounded enthusiasm makes for a successful interview. What Is Grounded Enthusiasm? According to social psychologist Amy Cuddy, grounded enthusiasm is a combination of commitment, confidence, and passion. This quality predicts drive, initiative, persistence, enhanced mental activity, creativity,… Read More »