What Are Candidates Looking for in 2015?

As we move closer to 2015, job seekers are beginning to reinvent themselves and come up with new strategies for their hunt. As an employer, you need to know and understand what candidates are looking for in the new year. We will discuss this topic in today’s post so you can make any changes necessary… Read More »

Should You Hire an Overqualified Candidate?

Many companies find themselves asking this question at least once per round of hiring. When jobs open up at companies – or new jobs are created – companies will be inundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes and applications. This means that hiring managers and HR heads will have to sift through all of… Read More »

Resume Red Flags: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Writing a resume takes time and patience. This is a task that should not be taken lightly, but should be focused on over a period of several days. The more you edit the resume and look at it, the more likely it is that you will come across any issues. No matter what type of… Read More »