I have been with Halpin for over three years. I was leery on using a staffing agency. I didn’t believe I would get a permanent position at a company. I was placed at a warehouse and it was not an easy position at first. I worked hard as I was coached by my recruiter. Later, I was hired into that company. I was permanently laid off due to the company shutting its doors. My recruiter contacted me right away to ask if I needed her to look for another position for me. It wasn’t long and Halpin had placed me again. I have currently been hired into a company that I love. Thanks to Halpin I was able to find my dream job.


Halpin contacted me back in May of 2010 about a job opportunity. I had never heard of the employer previously and knew nothing about the electronics field. With a bit of apprehension because the position was something completely new, I accepted the role of Systems Assembler. After a year, I was hired in as a permanent employee. I continued to work hard in a few different areas of the plant before getting the opportunity to become a department lead in 2015. In parallel to acquiring this position, I began going to school for electrical engineering using the employer’s tuition reimbursement program. In November of 2018, I applied for and received a Production Supervisor position which is responsible for overseeing more than half of the employer’s manufacturing. I’m also one class away from receiving my electrical engineering degree!


I was looking for a part time flexible job opportunity. Halpin was quickly able to find a great employer match for me. My recruiter was professional and personable. Halpin made the interview and hiring process as simple and pain free as it gets! After two months, I was hired into the company they placed me at. Thank you for the help and wonderful experience.


I was searching for new opportunities in the southeast Wisconsin area. After working with a local management recruiting service for several months, I had not been on any interviews which seemed strange. Halpin had been recruiting for a Manufacturing Manager at a local foundry and machine shop in Racine. I arranged an interview with one of Halpin’s professional recruiters. Shortly after, I was scheduled to interview directly with their client. It was a tight competition for the position, but I was offered the role of Manufacturing Manager shortly after my interview. I appreciate the professionalism of Halpin and am glad they were able to assist me in securing this Direct Hire role! A few months into my new job the person I had been working with from the management recruiting service stopped in and asked me why I was at a foundry when I had die-casting experience. This told me that Halpin was willing to look outside the box for other possibilities besides die cast for me, which is how I secured this position.

Daniel, Manufacturing Manager

I came to Halpin in April 2013 in search of employment. I was a full-time student obtaining my business management degree and looking for experience in the business field. This was my first experience with a “staffing” agency, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My recruiter did an excellent job of getting to know my professional background and finding the right fit for me. They set me up with an interview at a local organization, and I started with that company in June 2013. Throughout my employment with Halpin, they were very helpful with any questions that I had. Anytime I needed something and emailed them, I got an immediate response. After a probationary period, I was officially hired in at the company as a full-time employee! I am grateful for the opportunity that Halpin provided me, as it was a perfect start to my career!

Lindsay, Customer Relations