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The Importance of Background and Reference Checks

Background checks and reference checks are two of the most important parts of the screening process for companies in today’s business world. These two checks help companies sort out the undesirables prior to scheduling them for interviews so time is not wasted on candidates who will not be a good fit for the company. We will discuss the importance of these two checks in this post, and why your company should conduct them each time a job needs to be filled.


Background Checks Provide Plenty of Information

When your company performs a background check on a job candidate, it will be able to find out plenty of vital information about them. This information includes their criminal record, potential drug use, their educational degrees and even their employment history. Some candidates will lie on their resume in order to acquire a job interview or an offer of employment, which is why background checks are very important today.

A background check will provide the company with the true educational degree the candidate earned when in college, which can be very helpful if it is listed differently on the resume. It can also verify the driving record of the candidate if the job requires any driving in a company vehicle.


Reference Checks are Vital Too

Another important aspect of the job interview process is that of the reference check. This stage typically does not take place until close to an offer of employment being made by the company to the candidate, but it can be done whenever the company deems necessary.

Reference checks are important because they put you in contact with people who can verify the employment records of the candidate. If there is a mismatch between information, or the reference is unable to verify the employment dates and position held by this candidate, this raises a red flag.

Performing reference checks allows recruiters and hiring managers to eliminate any candidates from the process that are not able to provide references who can verify their employment history.

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