Creating A Better Work Environment for Your Staff

Research shows organizations with high levels of engagement report 22% higher productivity. So, how can you raise employee morale at your company? Start by creating a better work environment for your staff. Tips for Creating a Better Work Environment Invest in Your Physical Space Would you rather work in a cramped, dark, and dirty room… Read More »

Is It Time for In-Person Interviews Again?

During the pandemic, many companies switched over to phone or video interviews to limit social contact and keep everyone safe. So, should you keep interviewing virtually? Or is it time for in-person interviews again? Why It’s Time for In-Person Interviews People Are Beginning to Socialize Again According to Jobvite’s 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report, 69%… Read More »

You Aren’t Converting Top Talent & Here’s Why

You’re in the process of recruiting an amazing candidate. They seem interested, and you think they’d be a wonderful fit. Then, unexpectedly, they walk away. What went wrong? Here are five reasons why you aren’t converting top talent. Things That Chase Job Candidates Away Lack of Communication Is your candidate sitting around wondering when you… Read More »

64% of Job Seekers Agree That Job Seeking Is Stressful

In a 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report, Jobvite surveyed 1,500 adults in the U.S. Not surprisingly, 64% of those interviewed agreed job seeking is more stressful than before the pandemic. So, what can your organization do to make the process a little bit better? Current Issues Contributing to Job Seeking Stress Health Concerns Even with… Read More »

Top Ranking Ways Job Seekers Are Finding Out About Job Openings

You need workers! So, where’s the best place to advertise? As part of their 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report, Jobvite surveyed 1,500 adults in the U.S. According to their rankings, here are the top ways job seekers are finding out about job openings. Top Places Job Seekers Are Finding Job Openings in 2021 Online Job… Read More »

Create a Reliable Team with Better Training

Your company wants to have the best possible employees. And while hiring the right people is a smart first step, it’s not enough. Here’s how to create a more reliable team through better training. Training Is Important Because It… Improves Productivity Training improves your team’s performance in two vital ways. First, your employees can apply… Read More »

Put Trust in Your Employees and Watch them Flourish

Do you trust your employees to… manage company funds? Keep business information confidential? Work from home without supervision? Depending on your industry and your workforce, you may have different answers to these questions. However, putting a bit more faith in your team will allow both your employees and your organization to flourish. Why Putting Trust… Read More »

Fix Employee Absenteeism by First Fixing Your Culture

You have several employees out today… again! This trend is driving you crazy. So, what can you do? Here’s how to fix employee absenteeism by first fixing your culture. Tips for Creating a Culture to Fix Employee Absenteeism Provide Purpose Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, once said, “If you’re changing the world, you’re working… Read More »

Manage Your Team Like You Would Take Care of Your Garden

Spring is here! So, all those gardeners out there are starting to think about flowers and plants, fertilizer, and mulch. But did you know gardening practices apply to business too? Here’s how to manage your team like you would take care of your garden. Choose the Right People (or Plants) When gardeners choose their plants,… Read More »

How to Tell if a Job Applicant is Trainable

You’re searching for a new employee. Of course, qualifications and experience are important, but don’t forget about trainability. So, how can you tell if a job applicant is trainable? What Is Trainability? Trainability refers to an employee’s ability to master and apply new skills. Brainpower comes into play. However, a person must be flexible and… Read More »