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Should You Hire an Under-Qualified Candidate?

Should You Hire an Under-Qualified Candidate? | Halpin Staffing Services

Just because someone doesn’t have the exact same experience or qualifications as you’re looking for, doesn’t mean they can’t be a great hire. Sometimes it can be a good idea to take a chance on an underqualified candidate. Here are ten reasons why you might want to consider hiring someone who isn’t 100% qualified for the job.

Why You Should Hire an Under-Qualified Candidate?

  1. They may be a fast learner.

Someone who lacks experience may pick up new skills more quickly than those with more experience. This is particularly true if the job requires learning specific software or systems, as someone with fewer years of practice may be able to get up to speed faster than an experienced candidate could.

  1. They may bring fresh ideas and new perspectives.

An inexperienced candidate is likely to come into the job with fewer firmly held opinions and preconceptions, which can be a real advantage when it comes to developing creative solutions to problems or exploring new territory.

  1. They may have less rigid expectations regarding their career path.

An inexperienced candidate may be more flexible about the positions they’re willing to take and the tasks they’re willing to do, giving you more leeway in terms of meeting your staffing needs. They might also be less likely to feel entitled or expect specific titles or salaries.

  1. They may be more open to feedback and guidance.

Someone with less experience is often more eager to learn and willing to take direction, which can make them easier to train, mentor, and manage than an experienced but stubborn candidate.

  1. They may be more enthusiastic about their work.

A candidate who is new to their field may be more willing to take on tasks that more experienced people would find tedious or uninteresting. They might also bring energy and optimism to the job that can help motivate other employees.

  1. They may have fewer commitments outside of work.

In some cases, an underqualified candidate may be willing to work more hours or take on additional tasks due to their lack of outside commitments, such as family or other employment.

  1. They may have less expensive salary demands.

In addition to being open to lower salaries, inexperienced candidates may have fewer requirements in terms of benefits or perks that can help you save money in the long run.

  1. They may be easier to find.

It can sometimes be difficult to find candidates with the specific skills and experience you’re looking for, so an underqualified candidate may be easier to come by – which can save you time and money in the recruitment process.

  1. They may bring transferable skills from other industries.

An underqualified candidate may have a background in another field that can give them specific knowledge and abilities that could be a great asset to your company. Even if the job you’re trying to fill is quite different, the same skills may still be applicable.

  1. They may have more to prove.

An underqualified candidate may be more motivated to do a good job to make up for their lack of experience or qualifications. This can translate into higher standards of work and an increased commitment to the job, which can ultimately benefit your company.

At the end of the day, hiring an underqualified candidate can be a great choice for certain job roles. As long as you’re clear about the expectations of the position and manage the employee accordingly, they can be an excellent addition to your team.

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