The Benefits of Establishing a Staffing Partnership

Making decisions in the business world should not be taken lightly. The same can be said for companies that wish to establish a partnership with a staffing firm. You don’t want to choose just any staffing firm you come across. The reason for this is that staffing firms provide your company with temporary workers when needed. You do not want the firm sending over random employees who are not qualified to work at your business.

Save Money

One of the first, and most important, benefits of establishing a staffing partnership is that you will be able to save money. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that it costs almost $58,000 to bring in a new hire when you take into account taxes, wages and benefits. This number grows immensely when you add in the costs for advertising, overtime for the period when the position is empty, recruiting costs and testing costs. Overhead is decreased when you partner with a staffing firm.

Save Time

Another important benefit of establishing a staffing partnership is it saves time. NACE reports that the average time from interview to hire is 22.5 days. When you add in extra time for posting the job ad, acquiring and reviewing resumes, and scheduling interviews, you are well past 22.5 days. Staffing firms work proactively, which means they are constantly looking for new candidates and can provide you with a qualified one in a matter of days.

An Increase in Flexibility

When you partner with a staffing firm, your company gains an increase in flexibility. You can hire a temporary worker to help fill an open spot until a permanent fix is found. You do not have to employ the worker for a set period, just until their presence is no longer needed.

An Increase in Productivity

Companies that have the ability to spread a heavy workload across multiple employees will find that productivity increases. Regular staff members will not be overloaded with projects or stressed due to the heavy workload. When employees are constantly working overtime, they become stressed and overwhelmed, which can directly affect their productivity.

Guaranteed Hires

Working with a staffing firm will provide you with guaranteed hires. Turnover rates at companies can get very high when hiring is not done properly. A staffing firm will help you guarantee the hire and cut down on turnover rates.

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