Make Sure There’s a Path for Your Temporary Workforce to Become Permanent

Does your company use temporary workers? Do any of your temps ever become permanent employees? If you answered, “No,” you probably are putting your business at a disadvantage. 

Here are three reasons why advancing temps to full-time positions is a smart business strategy.  

Inspire Your Workforce

As organizational consultant, Simon Sinek writes in his book, Start with Why, “Average companies give their people something to work on. In contrast, the most innovative organizations give their people something to work toward.” This holds true for both temporary and permanent employees. Top workers want to learn and to growCareer paths are motivational, while dead-end jobs lead to disengagement. When temps and full-time workers see chances to advance and build long-term relationships, they will work harder and achieve remarkable things. And, fortunately for your business, this enthusiasm is likely to spread.  


Attract Top Talent

What if a candidate is deciding between two temporary assignments? What if they decide to do some research (as smart candidates usually do)? What if, through either word of mouth or online reviews, they discover“Company ABC never hires its temps,” but “Company XYZ frequently offers full-time positions to temporary workers.” Who do you think they will choose?  

Having a reputation of treating your temps poorly can seriously impact both the quantity and the quality of your contingent workforce. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to hire every temporary employee who comes through your door, but there should be some opportunities for permanent placements. Otherwise, top applicants are going to look elsewhere.     


Employ the Best People

If your organization can’t attract top temporary talent, your business will suffer. A subpar contingent workforce will negatively affect overall morale, as well as your bottom line. Not to mention, by neglecting to promote temps, your company is missing out on a clever recruiting tactic. Observing temporary workers on the job is a fantastic way to reduce hiring risk. After all, resumes and interviews don’t tell the whole story. With temps, you know what they look like in real-life situations, and you can evaluate their performance before making a hiring decision.    

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