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HOT Leadership Trends Heading into the New Year

The past ten months have been difficult, but you’re hoping to take your organization to the next level in 2021. So, what management skills should you focus on? Here are HOT leadership trends heading into the New Year. 

HOT Leadership Trends for 2021 

Tackling Volatility 

We don’t know how long Coronavirus will last. We don’t know when a vaccine will be widely available. And we don’t know how effective a vaccine will beAs a result, it’s difficult to plan for this week, let alone next year. Therefore, successful leaders must develop base plans as well as backup plans. They’ll need to seize new opportunities and shelf ideas that aren’t working anymore. Those businesses and teams who rise to this challenge will survive the pandemic and come out stronger than before.      

Looking Beyond Profits 

Of course, the bottom line will always be important. Neverthelessthe pandemic reminded us success is more complicated than today’s profits. Can your business adapt to local shutdowns and/or disruptions in the global supply change? How well does your company treat its workforce? What does your organization do to actively support social justice and diversity issues? Are you and your team working to create a more sustainable, just, and fair future for more people? (Forbes, 2020) Leaders who consider all these questions, along with profitability, will put their businesses in the best position for long-term growth. 

Embracing Change 

Eventually, the COVID-19 crisis will passHowever, the effects will remainMany questions companies have placed on the back burner for years are now front and center. Can your employees work from home? Is video conferencing practical alternative to travel? How can you keep your workforce up to date on rapidly advancing technology? Savvy leaders will address these issues head-on rather than trying to return to the way things used to be. They’ll continue to expand flexible working arrangements, invest in virtual technology, and explore the best options for upskilling and reskilling their teams. 

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