Company Culture: Does Yours Attract Candidates?

A company’s culture has the ability to attract candidates. Now, whether those candidates are right for the company or not, is another thing. The culture of a company is very important in today’s cutthroat business world. If your company does not exude a strong culture, then it will be difficult to attract the best candidates for open positions. To determine if your culture is attracting candidates, you first need to identify what your company culture is.


Speak With Your Employees

The first step in identifying your company’s culture is to speak with your employees. You can do this by visiting with them during the day, holding a meeting, or sending out a survey. In the survey, ask the employees why they like working for the company and what they believe the company culture is.


A Company’s Culture is Hard to Fake

After speaking with your employees, you might come to the realization that the culture in the office is not a good one. This can present a couple of problems. The first problem is that culture is always present, so changing it will take time. The second problem is that culture cannot be faked; not even in the least bit.

When a candidate comes in for an interview, he or she will be able to grasp the company culture within minutes of being on-site. It all begins with the receptionist. Was the candidate greeted upon arrival by name? If so, your company is on the right track. Trying to fake company culture, by having employees speak to your candidate about the office can go horribly wrong. The employee might not be able to express their feelings without smirking or making other noticeable gestures.

Candidates can also pick up on your company culture by watching how the employees act. This includes how they walk down the hall, whether or not they are hanging around the proverbial water cooler, or if they are conversing at cubicles instead of working. All of these things can be observed quickly and leave a bad impression with the candidate.


Does your company’s culture attract the right candidates? If you do not know the answer to this question, contact the staff at Halpin today to speak with a professional about your company’s culture. We can help you find the right candidates to match both your culture and staffing needs.

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