Five Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

Preparing for an interview can be stressful, especially if it is for your dream job. Having nerves while in an interview is normal, but make sure your nerves do not get the best of you. Being too nervous will show in your demeanor and maybe even in your answers. The only way to beat this is to prepare for possible questions that the interviewer may ask.


Why Will you be Successful in this Position?

This is one of the most common questions asked during interviews, no matter the position, so be prepared to have a solid answer. Interviewers will be able to pick out answers that are strewn together or pulled off the top of your head. You can bet that this question will be asked at some point during your interview, so be sure to have a solid answer prepared.


Why Does this Job Interest You?

Every human resource manager, department head, or recruiter wants to know this. It is a very popular question and it helps the interviewer understand you a little better. They will be able to determine if you truly want to hold the position with the company or are just going through the motions for interview experience.


What are Your Salary Requirements?

It is very rare for this question not to be asked during a job interview, especially on a second or third interview. If you have not considered compensation, this question will certainly catch you off-guard. Not being prepared for this question can put you at a major disadvantage when the time comes to negotiate your compensation package after receiving a job offer from the company.


Describe a Time When you had to Deal with a bad Co-Worker

This is more of a scenario than a question, but you should still be prepared for it, or a version of it. Many interviewers want to know how you have handled tough situations on the job in the past because it shows them how good of an employee you will be at their company. Even if you don’t have a story to tell, have something else prepared to talk about that could describe how you worked through a difficult situation.


What is Your Biggest Achievement?

This question is asked during interviews because the company wants to know how successful you have been in the past. Being able to discuss one, two, or three major achievements from your previous work experience is a major advantage during an interview. You will be showing the interviewer that you can produce excellent results. Even if this question is not asked, if you are prepared, you can work the information into the answers of other questions.


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