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Turning Contract Assignments into Permanent Positions

As someone who is looking for a new job, you might want to consider taking on temporary jobs to keep the money flowing into your bank account. Not all temporary jobs will turn into full-time positions, but the possibility of this occurring can become greater if you follow the tips outlined in this post.


Always Dress for Success

From the first interview to your first day to your third month on the job; make sure that you dress for success each day you are in the office. You do not have to wear a suit and tie each day if that is not the dress code, but make sure that you at least wear dress pants and a nice shirt or sweater. You can even make yourself stand out by dressing business appropriate on casual Friday. This will show your employer that you are serious about the job you have been hired to perform.


Meet Your Co-Workers

Just because you are a temporary worker it does not mean that you should not get to know those around you in the office. This includes workers in your immediate department, surrounding departments and even supervisors throughout the building. This can increase your presence and might help you earn a promotion to a full-time position. You never know who could turn out to be a hiring manager at your company, which is why you should treat everyone with respect and learn their names.


Meet Your Deadlines

Do everything in your power to meet deadlines, but do not hand in work that is of lesser quality just so you can meet a deadline. Also, make sure that you do not take on too much work in an effort to impress the higher-ups because it could lead to you missing a deadline or handing in work that is not of high quality.


Always Be On Time & Never Leave Early

Do your best to arrive on time, or a few minutes early each day. Being timely and always working your full hours without anyone having to worry or keep tabs on you helps to leave a strong impression on your supervisors.


Should you follow all of these tips and employ their use each day on the job, you might just be able to turn that temporary job into a full-time position. Contact the experienced recruiting team at Halpin Personnel today to find your next assignment.



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