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Four Traits of Top Employers: What Candidates Want

We all know what employers are looking for in candidates when trying to fill open positions. Do we really know what some of the top employers out there are offering candidates? What do candidates want from employers? We provide four traits of employers that candidates are looking for when applying for open jobs.


An Easy Application Process

We understand that companies vary in how they send out job notices and create applications, but many job candidates want an easy application process. If applicants subscribe to email newsletters, jobs sent through those newsletters should be easy to find online. The application process should last no longer than 90 seconds. Applicants should be able to upload their cover letter and resume electronically and then go on their merry way.


A Telephone Interview

More and more companies are utilizing the telephone interview to weed out undesirable candidates prior to scheduling in-person interviews. Candidates want this from companies too. It helps the candidate find out more about the company, the person he or she will be meeting with if offered an interview, and help them determine if they even want to move forward with the process.


An In-Person Interview

Candidates also want face-to-face interviews as much as possible. Your company should be prepared for the interviewee. Do not make him or her wait, not even for five minutes. Have their resume and cover letter in hand and make sure you have already read through it. Do not make the candidate fill out a paper application at this point. Also, do not lead the candidate on if he or she is not what the company is looking for at the time. When you determine the candidate will not fit, let them know immediately.


Offer Application Status Updates

Companies should provide their applicants with an online area for candidates to check their application statuses. Whether the candidates are recent college graduates or high-level executives, they should all be able to find out the status of their applications. This will make the process easier for the candidate and he or she will recommend the company to their peers.


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