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Are You Protected? Four Must-Have Workplace Policies

Working in a human resources department can be very challenging, even in the smallest of companies. In order to protect the company and the HR department, we are going to discuss four must-have workplace policies in effect. These policies should deal with social media, data protection, confidentiality, and wages.


Social Media Regulations

Every company in today’s high tech world should have social media policies in place to protect not only the company, but also the employees. There is no reason why your employees cannot use social media, but make sure they know that it should not be done during the workday. Also, make sure that the policy explains penalties for use during the day, penalties for discussing the office on those sites, and penalties for talking about co-workers on those sites.


Data Protection

Every company wants to protect its data. The data can include everything from personal information of employees to company financials to client information. All of this information should be stored on encrypted servers that are tough to hack into. Your employees should be informed that sharing any of the data mentioned above is not allowed and can lead to termination.



Almost every company in business today has some form of confidentiality agreement they require their employees to sign when hired. These types of agreements typically cover items such as discussing trade secrets and other issues about the company with potential competitors. The document also should state that the employee cannot bring any documents with them when switching jobs in the same industry.



You will be hard-pressed to find a company that does not have a policy about wages. This type of policy will outline and describe how the company determines salaries for its employees and what the various levels of employment are in the organization. Some companies even place jobs within levels and pay grades so there is no problem with negotiations during hiring or promoting employees.

For more information about workplace policies that protect companies, be sure to contact the experienced recruiting staff at Halpin Personnel today to have all of your questions answered in a timely and professional manner.



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