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Working with a Recruiter 101: The Cost of a Staffing Company

As a job seeker, working with a staffing company does not have to be the last resort. It should be the first thing you do when leaving school or being laid off from a job. You can even work with a staffing company while employed and looking for a job that is further up the corporate ladder than the one you are in now. Staffing companies such as Halpin Personnel want their clients to find the job of their dreams.


Halpin Provides a High-Level Process for Job Seekers

The staff members at Halpin work incredibly hard to find jobs for their clients. It is their goal and what brings them the most satisfaction each day on the job. When a job seeker fills out an application, he or she will then be contacted to schedule an interview. The interview helps Halpin learn about the applicant, what their likes are and what the applicant wants in a new job.

The representative then presents the job seeker’s information to companies that need employees and that match their skill needs. The candidate will then interview with the company. Information from the interview will be passed on to Halpin with a possible job offer. If the candidate chooses to work for the company, Halpin will stay in contact with the candidate to make sure everything is working well between the employee and the company.

One of the best advantages of working with Halpin is the fact that candidates are not charged any fees for the firm’s services. Fees are obtained from the company who hires the candidate, making the process free for the candidate from start to finish.


Benefits of Working with a Staffing Company

There are plenty of reasons why candidates should work with staffing firms. Some of them include saving time, flexibility, training options and the possibility for permanent positions.

Candidates who work with a staffing firm will find that they have more time on their hands because they do not have to search for jobs during their down time. The staffing firm will handle this and schedule the candidate for an interview when a match is found.

Candidates will also be able to arrange their work schedule based on what the temporary jobs require. This flexibility makes staffing firms very popular. Many staffing firms will provide their candidates with training in various areas, such as Microsoft Office.

A temporary position acquired using the help of a staffing firm could eventually turn into a permanent position. Companies love testing out employees on a contractual basis and then making a decision to add the employee on a full-time basis. The candidate is also able to test the waters and find out if the company is a place they can see themselves at for their entire career.

Contact Halpin Personnel today to schedule an appointment with a representative about your job search needs.



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