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Hiring for a Position, or Hiring for Potential?

When jobs open up at companies, department managers and human resource personnel have very difficult decisions to make. When hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applications get submitted, these professionals have to carefully sift through them to find candidates who fit the mold of the company. They also have a major decision to make; should they hire a candidate for the position or for the potential?


Hiring for a Position

Many companies will hire solely for the position(s) they have open. They will go through the first handful of resumes submitted and begin scheduling interviews. This can be an effective hiring method depending on the size and type of company.

Hiring for a position can solve many problems at the company that have lingered due to the loss of a previous employee. It could also help to fill any open jobs in a quick manner, enabling the company to be as fully staffed as possible.

One of the negatives of hiring solely based on the position is that the company might not be hiring the best available candidate. This can be a detriment not only to the position, but also the company as a whole. It could end up being a position that the company needs to fill quite often when using this procedure.


Hiring for Potential

Another hiring method for human resource managers is hiring for potential. This is a very popular method that has increased in popularity of late. Companies want to bring in the most talented individual for the open jobs they have in order to improve the work performed.

Hiring for potential might take longer to complete, especially when human resource managers want to make sure they have the perfect person for the job. They also want to look at what potential the candidate brings to the company. This can be measured in how the employee might do in a management position and how the employee might develop once working at the company.

A negative that could come from hiring for potential is the fact that the available position might remain open longer than the company wants. Some companies will sacrifice the work piling up in order to bring in the candidate with the most potential.


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