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Working with a Recruiter 101: Your First Interview

Turning to a recruiting agency to find a job is nothing to frown at, which is why millions of people searching for work do so each year. It can be scary to work with a recruiting firm to find a job, especially if you have never done so in the past. If you have chosen to work with a recruiter, it is best to prepare for an interview with that agency. Preparation is key, because the interview will be a steppingstone to a possible interview with the actual employer.


Recognize the Differences

When interviewing with a recruiting agency, you need to understand that the agency is the middleman between the candidate and the employer. Many companies like to outsource their recruitment efforts because it allows their employees to focus on matters at the office instead of sifting through resumes. Even though there are differences, you need to impress the recruiter if you want to impress the company doing the hiring.


This Interview is Just as Serious

It is imperative for you to take an interview with a recruiter as seriously as you would with an employer. Some candidates will find it easy to relax during the interview and answer questions inappropriately or incompletely. This cannot happen if you want the recruiter to mention your name to the employer. Prepare for this interview the same way you would prepare for an interview with an employer.


Sell, Sell, Sell

An interview with a recruiter is the perfect time to sell yourself as an employee. Bring your resume, your portfolio and a well-crafted cover letter. Explain your education background, your skills, and your work experience as much as possible. Even if these do not match the job you are interviewing for, the recruiter might know of other vacancies at the same company or another company that you would be a good fit.


Ask Questions

As with any job interview, make sure you ask questions about the job. The recruiter will know what the job is, what it entails and what the company expects of the person hired. They can answer all of these questions for you, possibly providing you a glimpse of what employment would be like at the company.


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