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“Why Didn’t You Hire Me?” Answering Questions From Rejected Candidates

Filling empty positions at your company is never an easy task, especially when it must be done quickly. Human resource professionals have to sift through hundreds of resumes and applications before bringing in candidates for interviews. When the interviews are complete, the department must make the tough decision of which candidate becomes the company’s next employee. Then comes the part of rejecting candidates. Many will ask why they were not chosen so they can improve their chances the next time. We will help you answer those tough questions.


Accentuate the Positives

When a rejected candidate asks why they were not offered the job, begin by accentuating the positives of their interview and their resume. Let the candidate know that their resume was constructed well or that their cover letter was on-par. Tell them what they did the best during the interview so they can do the same thing the next time.


Let the Candidate Know How to Improve

The next step in answering the difficult questions is to explain to the candidate how to improve their situation. If they did not have the education required by the company, tell them this was the reason. Let them know what type of degree they would need for employment. It is something they can fix once it is brought to their attention.


Respectfully Explain What the Hired Candidate Had

This is a very difficult step in the process, so be sure to handle it with extreme care. Let the rejected candidate know what the hired candidate had that was more impressive or more in-line with what the company needed. This could include more time in the field, a stronger educational background or even stronger references.


Invite the Candidate to Re-Apply

If the rejected candidate was truly a viable candidate for your open job, invite them to re-apply for another position once they have completed the appropriate requirements you discussed. If they were not a viable candidate, be sure to wish them luck in their job search. They should be able to grasp the hint without having to outright say they were never being considered for the position.


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