Using Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand

Companies use the various social media networks available today to build their brand online, which can then lead to new clients and even top talent for available jobs. When your company uses social media correctly, it can improve your reputation or create a new one altogether. By following the tips outlined in this article, your company will be able to strengthen its brand through social media.


Customer Service

Whether companies like it or not, social media is the new customer service hotline. Social media sites are quick ways for clients and candidates to reach out to companies. Whether private messages are sent via Facebook, Twitter or Google+, companies are more in touch with their clients these days. It is easier to reach a company via social media than by phone, which is why your accounts need to be monitored almost around the clock.


Public Relations

For smaller companies, social media sites are an excellent public relations forum. You can use Facebook and Twitter to publish links to press releases and other content. Social media is an excellent medium to present clients and candidates with positive information about your company. Whenever your company hosts an event, make sure the information is sent out via social media to all of your followers. This will help fill seats at events and alert the public to how involved your company is in the community.


Managing your Reputation

Social media is an excellent way to manage your company’s reputation. Whether you want to admit it or not, people are talking about your company on the internet. When you come across these comments, do not attack them. Instead, use your social media accounts to manage your reputation. This all goes hand-in-hand with strengthening your brand.


Make Sure you Give

It is very important to give more than you receive when using social media. If your accounts continue to just promote the company, then you will get nothing in return from candidates and clients who follow your accounts. Your company should spend 80 percent of its time in non-promotional activities online and just 20 percent promoting the company. This will help the company build relationships with followers and increase its brand online.


Find a Target Audience

Make sure you find the company’s target audience. Aside from your social media accounts, your company should belong to forums and websites/blogs that are within your industry. By posting on these sites you will be able connect with your target audience and bring them to your social media accounts and company website.


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