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Strategic Partnership: The Benefits of a Strategic Staffing Plan

A strategic staffing plan can be very beneficial to your company and how it hires new employees. If you follow the tips outlined in this post, your company will be able to enjoy all of the benefits associated with a strategic staffing plan.


Five Steps to Create a Strategic Plan

If your company is preparing to create a strategic plan, you will need to include the following five steps:

  • Come up with the picture of your ideal candidate
  • Develop a collection of qualified candidates
  • Screen all of the qualified candidates
  • Interview candidates and check all references
  • Make the decision to hire your candidate of choice


Questions to Ask When Creating a Plan

When creating your strategic staffing plan, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many new employees does our company need this year?
  • Why do we need new employees?
  • At what time do we need the new employees?
  • How long will these employees be needed?
  • How much will it cost our company to hire new employees?
  • What value will these new employees bring to the company?


Benefits of the Plan

Companies that use a strategic staffing plan will reap many different benefits. Some of those benefits include the following:

  • Strong odds of hiring the right person for the job.
  • Consistency of making hiring decisions throughout the company occurs.
  • The development of management can be supported.
  • Benchmarking throughout the entire company can be improved.
  • Reduce the costs of hiring.
  • Limit the liability of the company when hiring new employees.


Two of the most important benefits that come from this staffing plan are the reduction of hiring costs and limiting liability associated with making new hires. The costs of hiring can be very high, especially if your company continues to make the wrong hires by choosing people who are not right for the jobs available. Companies can limit these costs when using a strategic staffing plan.

Companies can fall into liability issues when hiring new employees, especially if they do not let employees know what their length of employment will be, whether or not they will be provided with benefits or health coverage and much more.


Contact the experienced staff at Halpin Personnel today to discuss the creation of a strategic staffing plan for your company.



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