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Job Searching While Employed

Deciding to look for a new job can be bittersweet. As much as you appreciate your current position, sometimes you need to move on to a more challenging position. And common wisdom says that it’s easier to find a job when you already have one. How can you conduct a job search while treating your current employer with respect and continuing to perform at 100 percent? Follow the tips outlined in this post to find a new job without reducing your productivity at your current company.


Create a Schedule

One of the best ways to make this process simple is to create a schedule. The schedule should include all the time you have available to search for a job – which doesn’t include your working hours. Plan time in the morning while you are having coffee at home or at night after dinner. You should also set aside job hunting time on the weekends. When you are in the office at your current job, you need to give your best effort and remained focused on your work. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by your job search.


Never Discuss the Job Search

Never discuss your job search with co-workers or supervisors. It’s disrespectful to ask them to split their loyalty. If you are conducting your search ethically, your current employment and your job search will not overlap in any way. And you don’t want it to slip out that you are leaving. For one thing, you may find that the grass is not greener after all and decide to cancel your search. You don’t want to burn any bridges by letting it be known that you are dissatisfied with your job.


Don’t Use Company Resources

This should go without saying, but using company time or equipment to look for a new job is the ultimate in unethical behavior. Do not send resumes or complete applications using the company’s computers, email, or Wi-Fi network. If messages are left on your cell phone by potential employers, do not make return phone calls until you are in the car and off the property of your employer. Do not return phone calls while sitting at your desk, in the lunchroom, or standing outside of the building. You have most likely received training, income and built relationships at your current company. Your coworkers, managers and the company as a whole deserve to be treated with respect.


Work With a Recruiter

While you can’t search for jobs fulltime when you are employed, a recruiter can. The experts at Halpin Personnel can be your eyes and ears in the job market. Let one of our recruiting professionals know what you are looking for, and we’ll do the legwork. Contact us today to discuss how to look for new job opportunities while remaining gainfully employed.



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