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“What Is Your Biggest Weakness?” How to Wow an Interviewer With Your Answer

As you prepare for a job interview, whether it is your first or 10th, you need to make sure you have answers at the ready for any question that could be thrown at you by the interviewer. This includes the question that interviewers love to ask; “What is your biggest weakness?” You can fail this portion of the interview process miserably, or you can look it straight in the eyes and hit a home run. Knock the interviewer of their feet with an extraordinary answer to this question.


How Not to Answer

Before you prepare to come up with a strong answer for this question, you need to know how it should not be answered. This question should never include an answer from your personal life. For example, never tell the interviewer that you have a weakness for chocolate and then jump to a made-up answer about your struggles with deadlines. This will turn-off the interviewer almost immediately.


What is Being Asked of You?

Prior to preparing an answer, one must understand what is being asked of them by the interviewer. The interviewer asks this question in an effort to determine what your analytical abilities are, and whether or not you are self-aware. Never take the route of self-deprecation when answering this question either – it will cause the interviewer to think twice about you.


Discuss a Weakness You Have Fixed

One of the best ways to answer this question during a job interview is by discussing a weakness that you have fixed in your career. Discuss the former weakness and elaborate on how you fixed the issue.

You can also answer this question with a weakness that could also be seen as a positive. For example, you could tell the interviewer that you tend to be very passionate about your work, which is why you become frustrated with co-workers when they do not pull their weight or if they do not show the same passion as you while in the office.


Call Halpin Personnel today to speak with an experienced recruiter about your upcoming job interview and how you can wow the interviewer with your answer to one of the most difficult questions out there today.



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