Is Your Resume Holding You Back? Tips for Standing Out on Paper

For many job seekers, the thing that is holding them back the most in their job search is their resume. Many might not want to acknowledge this, but it is true more often than not. Because of this, we have assembled some of the best tips around for standing out on paper when applying for a new job or for a first job out of college.


Write a Strong Career Summary

It is imperative that you have a strong career summary on your resume. Make sure to include it right after your contact information. Since resumes are scanned briefly by hiring managers when they first receive it, you need to get your point across as quickly as possible. The summary must grab the reader’s attention and convince them that your resume is worth reading from top to bottom.


A List of Achievements

If you want your resume to help you land a dream job, then it needs to have a list of your achievements. This is not a list of tasks you performed at your current or previous job, especially if you are applying for a similar job elsewhere. Instead, it needs to be a list of your accomplishments in that position. Let the hiring manager know that you can achieve these goals at their company too.


Resume Must be Attractive

Your resume must have an attractive display. When a resume features colors and various font types and sizes, it will have a much lower chance of being seriously considered by a hiring manager. If a resume is not aesthetically pleasing, then it likely will not land you a new job. A resume is used as a personal marketing tool, so be sure it represents who you are as an employee. It needs to be clean, full of white space and cohesive throughout.


Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Another important aspect of building a resume that will “wow” a hiring manager is using proper keywords. Keywords are being used in resumes today because companies have software programs that browse databases where resumes are submitted. The software browses the resumes for keywords that are specific to the jobs that need to be filled at the company. When writing a resume, tailor it to the job for which you are applying, and make sure keywords are used that correlate with that job.


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