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Red Flags to Watch for During an Interview

Interviewing candidates for open jobs at your company can be very tricky for a couple of reasons. You might not know what to look for in candidates when trying to match them to open jobs and you might not know which ones are not right for your company. We will discuss the most common red flags that interviewers should look for when meeting with job candidates.


Late Arrival to the Interview

One of the most glaring red flags is when a candidate comes late to the job interview. You do not want to immediately dismiss him or her, but you need to be careful with still offering them the job if they turn out to be a strong candidate. Unless there was an incredible or extraordinary reason he or she was late, there is no reason to think they will be punctual for work each day.


Disrespect of the Staff

A major red flag during a job interview is when a candidate disrespects the staff at your company. This goes for any employee the candidate comes in contact with, from the minute they walk onto your property. If this is how the candidate acts or treats your employees prior to being hired, how do you know he or she will act differently after being offered the job?


Sharing Too Much

We understand that a job interview is the perfect setting for candidates to market themselves to the employer, but it can also be an issue. Candidates who talk too much or share too much information could be putting up a red flag. This occurs when interviewers use open-ended questions and interviewees tend not to know when to stop talking.


Asking about Compensation Early

If a candidate asks about money early in the job interview process, this is a major red flag. We understand that money is very important. It helps us survive, but it should not be the first thing the candidate asks you during a job interview. It really should not even be brought up by the candidate until the second or third interview. If the interviewer wishes to bring it up, that is perfectly fine.


Vague Answers

When a candidate offers vague answers to your questions, this is a red flag. Vague answers can be the sign of the candidate trying to hide something from their career.


The staff at Halpin Personnel can help your company sift through the red flags during the job interview process. Contact our experienced recruiters today!



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