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Making the Most of an Informational Interview

One of the best ways to get closer to landing a job or at least an interview for an open position is to go on a couple of informational interviews. Many job seekers do this when they have no job prospects. Informational interviews are an excellent way to grow your professional network and could lead to your next job. If you follow the tips outlined in this post, you should have no trouble being successful in your informational interviews.


Connect as Quickly as Possible

An excellent tip for the informational interview is to connect with the interviewer as quickly as possible. When you make a human connection, you are more likely to hear back from the interviewer when a job does become available that matches your skills and background. You need to research the company and the person who will be conducting the interview. You will also want to show as much genuine interest as possible.


Have Goals for the Interview

Even though this is an informational interview, which means you are not interviewing for a job, you should still go into it with goals. These goals can be obtaining an understanding of the job market, learning how their qualifications fit within the industry or just simply meeting as many hiring managers as possible within the industry.


Always be Polite

Despite this being an informational interview, you need to still be as polite as you are when interviewing for a job. If the interview is taking place during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, be sure you pick up the tab for that meal. Do not ask to split the check or to have the person you met with pick up the tab. This will come across as very rude. They have decided to help you with your career when they did not have to do so.


Be Mindful of the Time

During an informational interview, be sure you mind the time. If you asked the subject for just 20 minutes of their time, make sure you stick to that time limit. Do not sit there for 30, 40, or 50 minutes when you originally asked for 20 minutes. If you realize you are running out of time, let the subject know and thank them for their time.


Ask for Referrals

For each informational interview you go on, be sure to ask the subject for a referral for someone else who might be willing to speak with you about the industry.


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