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Onboarding Strategies: Setting New Hires Up for Success

Companies must have strong onboarding strategies in place if they want to set new hires up for success. Every new hire wants to receive support from their employer, especially when it comes to being given the proper documents and training when hired. Your onboarding strategy should include training sessions, documents, policies and procedures that every employee must know about in order to succeed at your company.


Provide Resources to New Hires

All new hires should be provided with the proper resources to do their jobs and to learn about the company. This includes an employee handbook, human resource documents, and full disclosure of company goals. Your company should also tell new hires who they can talk to when seeking help on the job or when they need to file a grievance against a co-worker or a superior. New hires should also be paired with a mentor who is a veteran of the company so they have someone who can guide them on their new journey.


Teamwork is Key

As a company, you should stress teamwork for all of your employees, including your new hires. As part of the onboarding process, make sure your new hires are assigned to a team either within their department or their floor. Working as part of a team assists in mentoring new employees, helping them assimilate to the culture of the company, and much more.


Two-Way Feedback

Another important part of the onboarding process is two-way feedback. The onboarding of a new hire lasts longer than just their first day on the job. It includes at least their first 90 days with the company. After their first 90 days, the employee’s direct manager should sit down with him or her and offer feedback. This should be a two-way discussion. The employee should also offer feedback about the company, their manager and what they think of their job and the duties involved.


Offer Clear Expectations

Make sure that – when onboarding new hires, you provide all of them with clear expectations. Employees will not know what you expect from them unless you tell them. Be open and honest about your expectations for them and they will respond by working hard and aiming for as much success as possible.


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