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Four Strategies for Increasing Productivity in a Job Hunt

Running a job hunt can be tricky, especially in a down economy, which is why many job seekers will stress over the potential outcome. When looking to be productive in a job hunt, you need to have a plan in place. Whatever that plan is, it should include the four strategies we outline in this post. If you follow these strategies, you should have no trouble being productive in your job hunt.


Use Your Network

The power of your network is very important during a job hunt today. If you do not use your network,  you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. You have built your network up over the years and it should be full of former co-workers, supervisors, mentors and even former college professors. With all of these people at your disposal, you should take advantage of them and reach out to them when getting involved in a job hunt.


Sharpen the Focus of Your Resume

Make it a point to focus your resume prior to a job hunt. Resumes are used to highlight the accomplishments and skills you have in your career, not the responsibilities and duties from each job you worked. Take the time to analyze your resume and edit it as needed prior to beginning a job hunt. When  you edit a resume to make sure it has more of a focus, it makes your job search much easier and more productive because the resume is a selling point for you as a worker.


Find Hidden Job Opportunities

With any job hunt, you need to find the hidden job opportunities. This means that you will need to hunt down every single lead you come across. Whether this is from someone within your network, a former boss, or a family member, it must be done to be productive in your search. You also need to figure out the best skills you have and then market them to employers. This could help you get a foot in the door without even knowing the company had jobs available.


Utilize the Job Hunt Follow-Up

Our fourth strategy is extremely important; you must follow up during a job hunt. It is imperative for you to follow up after an interview, whether it was a phone call or an in-person meeting. This includes the use of a thank-you card, an email or another phone call. Make it a point to make a phone call after submitting a resume and request an interview. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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