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Preparing for an Interview: Six Strategies for Success

As you continue your job search, it is important that you put together strategies that will help you succeed during job interviews. Some of the strategies you should use are common, and others might be a surprise. We have compiled the six most important strategies for interview success in this post. Be sure to check them out and incorporate them into all of your future job interviews, no matter how much experience you have in the workplace.

  1. Research the Company- If you research the company ahead of time, you will be able to impress the interviewer. Offer up what you know about the company when prompted and when you find it is appropriate to do so. When you know about the culture of the company, the future plans of the company, and its past success, you will be able to show how dedicated you are to being offered employment.
  2. Practice Your Interview Skills- Always practice a job interview prior to attending one for real. This can be done with a mentor, a former college professor, a family member or a trusted friend. Record the process on video or just audio so you can critique your non-verbal cues and your answers.
  3. Hit a Home Run on Predictable Questions- You should always hit a home run on the predictable questions. This can be done by preparing ahead of time. There is always a group of questions that will be asked at every single job interview. Since this is the case, be sure that you have excellent answers for these questions. You cannot afford to strike out on a predictable question, such as “What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?”
  4. Explain the Value You Bring to the Table- It is imperative that you explain to the interviewer the value you will bring to the company. Companies want to know what type of value they will receive from their employees, which is why this is a very important aspect of the job interview. They already know you want them to hire you, it’s your job to prove why they should want to, as well.
  5. Prepare for the Opening Minutes- The first 10 minutes of the job interview are very important. You want to make an impression as soon as you walk onto the company’s property. Even if the interview lasts for an hour or longer, the first 10 minutes could determine if you are called back for a second round. You can ace this portion of the interview by projecting enthusiasm and professionalism from the minute you meet your interviewer.
  6. Always Follow Up- Follow up with every job interview you attend. Send a handwritten thank you note to everyone you meet while at the interview and let them know you are still interested in working for their company. This will improve your chances of receiving a call for the subsequent rounds.

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