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The Value of Exit Interviews

Companies need to take exit interviews very seriously these days because the feedback and information offered up by the employees leaving could be very important to the future of the company. You should use the exit interview as a way to determine what needs to be changed at the company, including the culture and how employees are treated while at work. When you haphazardly conduct exit interviews, you are putting the company at a serious disadvantage.


Find Room for Improvement

The most important facet of an exit interview is how it can be used to find room for improvement at your company. This can be done by really listening to what the outgoing employee has to say about operations, management and how workers are treated. Outgoing employees have nothing to lose, which is why they are most likely to be very candid with you during the exit interview. This can help your company make changes to how the human resource management team operates, how employees are treated, and what the company can do to better retain employees in the future.


What to Ask

Each exit interview should consist of the same questions for each employee leaving your company. When you use a set list of questions, you will be able to figure out if there are any patterns within the organization that might have caused employees to leave for another opportunity.

Ask the following questions during an exit interview:

  • What led to your decision to leave the company? Is it due to an external factor, such as the relocation of your spouse, or was it internal issues?
  • What grade would you give the level of support you received to perform your job duties?
  • What satisfied you the most about the job or the company?
  • What was the performance feedback like at the company and how often did it come?
  • What satisfied you the least about the job or the company?
  • What are the benefits and salary you were offered at your new job?


Exit interviews should be taken seriously at every company because they can shed a light onto employee issues you might not know about at the time. Contact the experienced Racine staffing professionals at Halpin Personnel today to discuss what your company should do during exit interviews.



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