Do You Need to Replace Top Talent?

It is hard to imagine, but there comes a time when top talent needs to be replaced. This can be caused by an impending retirement or the fact that the person is not getting the job done despite their pedigree. When this happens, you need to find ways to replace top talent in a discreet manner. You do not want it to be a major show around the office. You need to keep it as quiet as possible. We will discuss how to discreetly replace top talent in today’s post.

Create a Plan

As with all moves in business, you need to create a plan when replacing top talent at your company. Figure out if you will look for candidates from within your organization, or if you want it strictly to be an outside hire. You also need to determine the level of skill, expertise and experience the right candidate will need for the job. Lastly, you need to come up with a timeline for the candidate search and then figure out how you will select the right candidate.

Conduct Interviews Out of the Office

If you need to be discreet when replacing top talent, then you should consider conducting all of your interviews out of the office. Employees know when there is someone in the office who they have never seen before and it triggers the notion that job interviews are taking place. When you avoid shuffling candidates up and down your hallways, you keep the hiring process away from the eyes and ears of your staff.

Remain Quiet

As you discreetly move to replace top talent, you must keep it quiet. There should only be a select few people from the company involved in the process. The more people you tell, the more likely it is that word will spread around the office like wildfire. When you keep the group of people who know about the process small, there is less chance of employees finding out about the interviews.

Consult with a Staffing Firm

Another option you have is to consult with a staffing firm. This is an excellent way to prevent the news from spreading at the office and only you will know about the process. You will not need to involve anyone else. The firm will handle all of the work off-site and even perform the difficult task of firing the employee who is being replaced, if he or she is not leaving due to retirement.

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