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What Are Candidates Looking for in 2015?

As we move closer to 2015, job seekers are beginning to reinvent themselves and come up with new strategies for their hunt. As an employer, you need to know and understand what candidates are looking for in the new year. We will discuss this topic in today’s post so you can make any changes necessary to attract some of the top talent within your industry.

Excellent Benefits

Candidates looking for a job right out of college or while in between employers want to be offered an excellent benefits package in order to accept an offer of employment. Benefits include health insurance, dental, vision, 401(k) match, sick days, personal days, vacation time and maybe even tuition reimbursement. Flexible spending accounts and expense accounts are also good things to include in these packages.

Strong Corporate Culture

A strong corporate culture is another thing that candidates are looking for in 2015. When a company has a positive culture, it makes it easier for employees to come to work each day and to interact with their co-workers and supervisors. Workplaces with poor culture have higher turnover rates and many issues between employees.

Better Work-Life Balance

If your company can provide its employees with a strong work-life balance, then you will be a popular choice among talented candidates. When the work-life balance is excellent at your company, it will be easier to attract top candidates to your organization. Work-life balance is very important because it tells employees and candidates that you value their time and what they do outside of the office.

Easy Application Process

An important thing to remember when preparing to hire new employees is that you need to have an easy application process. Candidates do not want to spend an hour or more filling out online applications that include answering questions, uploading documents and going through multiple sections. Instead, candidates should simply be asked to send their resume or answer just one page of questions. The application should not take any longer than 20 minutes.

Be Straightforward with Candidates

Job candidates are looking for employees to be straightforward with them in 2015. Let candidates know the truth about what it is like to work for the company, to work in the specific position applied for and to work with the employees of the company. When the candidate asks questions that might change their mind about working for you, do not lie to them. Provide them with honest answers all the time.

Contact Halpin Personnel today to discuss what candidates are looking for in 2015 as we close the books on a successful 2014.




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