Motivating Employees in the New Year

Companies look for new ways to motivate their employees each year. When employees are faced with the same promotions or rewards at work each year, things can become boring. This means that companies need to offer new incentives or motivation for them if they want employees to be productive from year-to-year. In today’s post, we will discuss the best ways to motivate your employees in the new year.

Hold Weekly Meetings Centered on Motivation

An excellent way to motivate employees in the New Year is to hold meetings at the end of every week that are centered on motivation. The meetings should be held by each individual department, or if your company is small enough, you can have everyone meet at once.

At the meeting, make sure you have employees discuss their peaks and valleys from the week. They need to share a strong experience from the week, which can help motivate other employees. They also need to share a weak experience from the week, which they can get help on from their co-workers at the meeting.

Provide Employees with Ownership of Decisions

Your employees should be provided with ownership of their decisions. This means that they will be motivated to make the right decisions on projects. Hold meetings where you ask employees for their ideas and input on projects. This will let them know how much their talent is valued by the company. Also, let your employees take part in making important decisions for their department or the company as a whole. This will motivate them to work as hard as possible.

Bond with Employees

There is nothing wrong with management bonding with employees. It is an excellent way to show employees how much you care about them personally. Celebrate employee birthdays, enjoy happy hour together, and hold company events that involve employees and their family members. If you are worried about the cost of birthday celebrations, hold a celebration once a month for all of the birthdays in that month.

Ask for Employee Input

If you really want to motivate your employees in the New Year, ask for their input. Use an online survey only your employees can see and have them answer questions or leave comments on different issues within the office. The survey should come once per month and focus on one main thing at the office. You can ask employees what food they would like stocked in the fridges, what type of paid training they would be interesting in, and if they want a vending machine in the office.

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