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Interview Tip: Show Your Enthusiasm

With the new year in full swing, many people have begun searching for a new job because they want to further their career or prepare for the real world after school. If you are one of those job seekers, you need to prepare for a job interview as much as possible. One thing you must keep in mind when interviewing is that you absolutely should show your enthusiasm. It is the best way to show an employer how excited you are about their company and the open job.

Tell Stories Without Bragging

As you prepare for an interview, you need to have a couple of stories set aside to tell the interviewer that describe your skills and achievements from your career. Many job seekers get worried that they will come across as bragging when talking about themselves during an interview

When you have stories prepared, you can avoid bragging, but still paint a picture of yourself as a successful and hard-working employee. When you tell stories about yourself, it allows you to show pride in the work you performed and excitement for what is ahead.

Be Direct and Honest

Another great way to show your enthusiasm during a job interview is by being direct with the interviewer. Being direct and being honest are the same and it can show the interviewer how excited you are about the job.

There is nothing wrong with telling an interviewer how thrilled you are that you were brought in for an interview and how exciting it would be for you to work for their company. There is nothing wrong with talking about other companies you have considered working for, but make sure you tell the interviewer that your number-one choice is their company.

Eye Contact and Nonverbal Queues are Important

As with every single interview you attend, eye contact and nonverbal queues are important. When you make eye contact with the interviewer it shows them you are interested in the position and enthused about your chances of working for the company.

Another excellent way to show enthusiasm during a job interview is with the nonverbal queues you exhibit. These include your posture, waving your hands, how you walk into the room and how you shake hands with everyone you meet that day. You also do not have to make a comment after everything the interviewer says. Instead, nodding in approval is an excellent nonverbal queue that shows enthusiasm.

Are you preparing for a job interview? If so, contact the experienced staffing professionals at Halpin Personnel to get help with your preparation. We will be able to answer your questions and show you how to be enthusiastic without looking desperate during a job interview.




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