Are You a Job Hopper? Use Your Experience to Land the Job You Want

Being a job hopper is fun for some and incredibly annoying for others. Some professionals choose to hop from job to job during their career because it is something they enjoy. Others have to be a job hopper because they cannot seem to find a job that fits into their life or career. No matter the reason, you can use the experience gained as a job hopper to land the job of your dreams.

Be Honest About Previous Employment

When interviewing for a new job, be honest about your previous employment and why you left that job. Human resource professionals hate it when candidates lie to them or try to keep certain facts from them. If you left a job due to cutbacks, outsourcing or another company decision, make sure you tell the interviewer those facts. If you left the job because you wanted to find something right for you, make this known as well.

Discuss Skills Learned and Experience Gained

No matter your reason for moving on to new positions, you need to tell the interviewer all about the skills learned and experiences gained at your previous jobs. If you were able to learn a new skill at each job, make sure you explain that skill how it will increase your future productivity.

Share What You Have Learned

Another way to land a dream job after hopping around from one job to another is by sharing what you have learned along the way. For example, if you are interviewing with a small company, but worked at a larger one, you can discuss the policies and procedures you learned at the larger company, and how they can be implemented successfully at the smaller one. This shows the interviewer that you would bring a ton of experience and insight to the job, if hired.

Never Speak Badly about Prior Jobs

Do your best to refrain from speaking badly about prior jobs – even if they forced you to find work elsewhere. If you left one job because a new manager did not know what he or she was doing, avoid telling the interviewer this because it will make you look self serving.

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