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Overqualified Candidate? How to Address These Concerns During an Interview

Does your company interview overqualified candidates? Does your human resources department worry about how to handle such interviews? This is perfectly normal, and can be handled easily by following the tips outlined in this post. We will discuss the best ways to address the concerns your company has about hiring an overqualified candidate so you can make an informed decision when it comes to offering employment.

Dealing With Potential Attitude Issues

When it comes to interviewing an overqualified candidate, you might have concerns with the attitude issues that could be present, should the employee be offered the job. During the interview, you can let the candidate know that they will be reporting to others within the department who might be younger than them or who have less experience than they do. To determine if the candidate will be a problem, ask them how this situation will be handled if any conflicts arise.

Issues With Length of Employment

Another issue that crops up when it comes to hiring overqualified candidates is the length of their previous employment. Some overqualified candidates take jobs just to have them while looking for something better, so you need to make sure they’re not using you as a “stepping stone” opportunity. Ask the candidate during the interview if they can commit to working for your company for at least two years. They will not be bound by their answer, but it will help you understand what they are planning to do if offered the job.

Discuss the Candidate’s Future

During the interview, talk about the candidate’s future. Ask them what they would tell a potential employer in five years about why they worked at your company and how they would justify doing so. Their answer will help you understand what it is they are looking for when it comes to your company and how they plan on succeeding if hired.

Be Upfront

One of the best ways to interview an overqualified candidate is by being upfront with them as much as possible. Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to interviewing candidates, especially overqualified ones. Let them know there is little to no room for promotion with the job they will fill, and also make sure they know what the hierarchy of the office is. This will help the candidate be honest with you and determine whether or not the position is right for them.

If your company is preparing to interview candidates, be sure to address the topics outlined in this post prior to offering employment. Contact Halpin Personnel today to discuss your interview process with an experienced staffing partner.




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