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Four Steps to Prepare Your Team for Temporary Help

Companies need assistance from temporary workers every so often, which means that new employees will be coming into the office on a regular basis. When this happens, your full-time staff members might become worried about possibly being replaced. Because of this, you must prepare your team for temporary employees by following the four steps outlined in today’s post.

Inform Them Ahead of Time

One of the first things you must do is inform your full-time staff that temporary employees are headed for the office prior to their arrival. Do not wait until they walk through the door because this could cause some morale issues. Not telling employees ahead of time could cause hostility towards the temporary workers, which can be avoided by informing permanent staff in a timely manner that help is on the way.

Explain How Things Become Easier

Employees might feel threatened by the presence of temporary workers, even if you assure them that no one’s job is in jeopardy. You must explain to your full-time employees that temporary workers will help make their jobs easier. When a company goes through a busy season or sees an influx of work, it makes sense to hire temporary workers since the volume will decrease again. Instead of overworking your full-time employees, explain to them how they will not be burdened with overtime hours or a ton of work when temporary workers are hired.

Distinguish Employee Roles

The third step in preparing your team for temporary help is to distinguish the roles all employees will have during their stint with the company. This is especially important for your full-time employees because it will help them prepare for any possible changes to their roles or duties when the temporary employees arrive at the office. You do not want to spring any changes on employees at the last minute, including what their roles will be when temporary workers are assigned projects.

Outline Goals

Companies that hire temporary help do so because there are a set of goals that must be met. Make sure you outline all of the goals your company wishes to achieve when temporary workers are hired. Explain these goals to your full-time staff and temporary staff when they arrive at the office.

Hiring temporary workers can help companies with an overload of work throughout the year, but preparation must be done with the full-time staff to ensure that no issues arise when the temporary help is present. Contact Halpin Personnel today to find the best temporary workers for your open jobs.




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