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Job Seeking While Employed?

Finding a job does not just occur when you are out of a job or getting ready to graduate. It also happens, more often than not, when you are already employed. Job seeking while employed is a very touchy task to undertake, because if you make one wrong step it could impact your current employment. In today’s post, we will discuss the best ways to conduct a job search while still employed.

Employers More Attracted to Employed Candidates

Candidates who are employed while searching for a new job will be more attractive to other employers. Companies want to hire the best possible talent out there, and how much better does it get than hiring an employee away from another company? This is the reason why you should not wait to begin a job search until you are unemployed or when you are tired of your current job. Searching while employed will also take all of the pressure off you, since you do not absolutely need to find a job.

Remain Discreet

The last thing you want to do when searching for a new job while already employed is to boast about the search to co-workers, even if you trust them. Co-workers will inevitably talk about how you are looking for a job while employed, and if this gets back to your boss it could turn ugly. Your boss might begin looking for ways to terminate you or could begin excluding you from important meetings and other events at the office.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

One of the best things you can do during a job search while employed is to partner with a staffing firm. A recruiter from a staffing firm will be able to help you maximize your time and effort by running the majority of the job search for you. This will help you focus all of your attention on your current job so the quality of your work does not suffer and no one at the company begins to speculate as to why your work is lacking.

Avoid Using Current Supervisors as References

You must absolutely avoid using current supervisors and co-workers as references, no matter how strong of a recommendation they might provide. When you do this, you are opening the door to your current employer questioning your loyalty to the company.

Interview After Work

If you are asked to come in for an interview during your job search, be sure to schedule it after work hours. Do not use your company vacation time or sick days to go on job interviews. Employers might find out, which could lead to serious ethics issues with human resources.

Searching for a new job while still employed can be difficult, but when you partner with a recruiter from Halpin Personnel you should have no problems balancing work and the search successfully.




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