Workplace Culture: Does Yours Attract Candidates?

A company’s culture can either be helpful or hurtful. There is no in-between when it comes to the impact office culture has on attracting candidates. If your workplace culture is toxic, there is a big chance that you will have trouble attracting candidates. Job candidates talk, especially online, which is never good for a company that has poor culture. Your company must have a strong culture in order to attract top candidates for open jobs.

Create a Community Feeling

An excellent way to improve the culture at your company is to create a community feeling within the workplace. If your office is home to cubicle farms, get rid of them immediately. Your office should have open floor plans in order for employees to interact with each other face-to-face instead of by email or phone. The community feeling should show the employees how much they are valued by the company and that they are not easily replaceable.

Offer Strong Benefits

Companies that have strong benefits packages will never struggle to attract the best candidates for their available jobs. Make sure you offer paid maternity and paternity leave, vacation time, flexible scheduling, incentives for performing stellar work and much more. Also, make sure your full-time workers are provided with health, dental and vision benefits as well as the option to enroll in a 401(k) or other investment plan.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

Companies that provide their employees with opportunities to advance will attract the best candidates on the market today. Employees do not want to get stuck working the same job for 15 years making entry-level pay. Instead, they want to have different ways to climb the corporate ladder and potentially move into management positions.

Provide Challenging Work

Employees want to be challenged when at work. They do not want to be straddled with menial tasks that bore them to tears. Instead, they want to work hard to solve problems, meet deadlines and make a name for themselves. Companies that provide employees with challenging work will create a strong corporate culture that attracts only the best candidates.

Show Appreciation

Even though this is last on our list, it certainly should not come last on your list as an employer. If your culture needs to be improved, take a look at how your company shows its employees appreciation for a job well done. A simple “thank you” every now and then will go a long way towards improving the attitudes of your employees.

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