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Halpin is Supporting Students Taking the Technical Education Path

For more than two decades, Halpin Staffing Services has provided local businesses with customized staffing solutions. And, as a local leader, our team strives to support the community too. That’s why since 2014, we have awarded $15,000 in scholarships to students pursuing technical degrees.

Why Does Halpin Offer a Technical Scholarship?  

In the last fifty to eighty years, high school students have been encouraged to earn nothing less than a four-year degree. Although this path works well for some, this idea also has contributed to the skills gap. Today, employers are having trouble finding carpenters, plumbers, electricians, welders, diesel mechanics, auto technicians, and IT professionals. At Halpin Staffing Services, we hope to change the conversation by encouraging and supporting students who would prefer to pursue a technical education.   


Why Should Students Consider a Two-Year Instead of a Four-Year Degree?  

A four-year program isn’t necessarily a worthwhile investment for every student. In fact, a recent study showed the bottom 25th percentile of college graduates earned less than high school graduates after factoring in the cost of paying for a degree. (The Simple Dollar, 2018) However, many two-year programs offer jobs with excellent potential for growth and high pay. Plus, students with an associate degree spend less money on their education, enter a hotter job market and begin collecting a paycheck sooner in their career.     


What Are the Results of the Scholarship Program?  

Over the past five years, Halpin Staffing Services has been honored to award fifteen $1,000 scholarships. Our recipients have followed careers in areas ranging from graphic communications to engineering to construction management. At Halpin, our hope is this extra money will assist young people in realizing their dreams. One of our first recipients earned his associate degree in Electro-Mechanical Technology at Gateway Technical College while working as a machinist intern at Modine ManufacturingCurrently, he is a full-time Electrical Controls Specialist developing new systems and applications. These are the types of students who can strengthen the U.S. workforce and help our country compete locally and globally.     


This Sounds Amazing! How Do You Apply?   

Applicants must 1) be a graduating senior in Southeastern Wisconsin or Northeastern Illinois and 2) be pursuing an associate degree in a technical program. Halpin sends applications to area schools each fall. So, interested students should contact their guidance counselor for additional details. Or, visit our website and fill out an online form to learn more. Please encourage your friends and family members to apply. And, don’t forget to check back in the spring to view this year’s winners! 



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