Begin Holding Yourself Accountable for Work Attendance

Whoops! You’re late for work again. No big deal, right? Wrong! Constantly missing work and showing up tardy makes you look bad.   

Think about how you feel when a friend arrives late or not at all. Unless you are incredibly patient, you’ll probably feel aggravated and annoyed. And, this is how your boss feels too.  

Problems Caused by Poor Attendance

  • You will look unreliable and even lazy.  
  • You could fall behind on your work especially if you are absent frequently.  
  • Your coworkers are likely to resent you when they need to cover for you.   
  • Your poor performance could cause your employer to lose money.  
  • Your supervisor is less likely to promote you and more likely to lay you off.  

Top Tips for Getting to Work on Time

Get Enough Sleep  

Do you struggle to wake up every morning? If so, you’re probably overtired. Make sure you are getting your recommended seven to nine hours of sleep by setting a regular bedtime. Then, stick to it! You may feel like you’re back in elementary school but getting up on time will be much easier.  

Create a Morning Routine  

Maybe you wake up with your alarm and then find yourself distracted by everything. Take control of your morning by setting a schedule. Figure out how much time things take and watch the clock. If you are running behind, skip a step to get back on track. For example, wake up at 6:45, exercise until 7:15, shower and get dressed by 7:45, eat breakfast and hit the road at 8:00.  

Prepare the Night Before  

If you’re not a morning person, use evenings to your advantage. Of course, you can’t put on your clothes before you go to bed. However, you can pre-pack lunch, choose your outfit and have your supplies ready to go and waiting by the door. Even completing a few of these tasks each night could easily save you ten to thirty minutes every morning.   

Plan to Be Early 

Sometimes the universe will conspire against you, so give yourself a 15 to 20-minute cushion each morning. That way if you spill your coffee down your shirt while getting into the car or find yourself stuck in a traffic jam, you still could arrive on time. Although this might seem excessive at first, you may discover you enjoy easing into your workday. After all, now you can organize your workspace and chat with coworkers rather than frantically racing in at the last minute.   

Communicate with Your Employer  

Despite all your best efforts, there will be days when things go wrong. A good employer will understand the occasional absence or late arrival, but always let them know. Failing to make an appearance without an explanation puts everyone, including you, in an awkward situation.     


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