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How to Manage and Make a Difference

What if you could not only effectively manage your employees, but also improve their lives? Does this sound impossible? Maybe, it’s not. Check out this inspiration advice from top leadership experts.  

Help People Achieve Their Dreams – Matthew Kelley

In his book, The Dream Manager, best-selling author Matthew Kelley writes, “The future of your organization and the potential of your employees are intertwined — their destinies are linked.” Therefore, Kelley challenges companies to assist people in pursuing their personal dreams too. Does this sound too good to be true? Infusionsoft, an e-mail marketing company now known as Keep, has a dream manager on staff. Their employees have accomplished milestones ranging from running a marathon to eliminating individual debt. And, in return, their workers “are extremely passionate about the company that they work for and are actively engaged in the workplace.” (Entrepreneur, 2015)  

Nudge – Laszlo Bock

When Laszlo Bock was the SVP of People Operations at Google, the company decided to institute meatless Mondays in some of their cafeterias. The goal was to reduce meat consumption and encourage healthier eating habits. Ultimately, the plan backfired. While vegetarians rejoiced, others were outraged. Eventually, protesters rebelled by staging a barbeque in the parking lot. Bock later commented, “Human beings really don’t like when you take choice away from them.” What works better is a nudge. In other words, “How can you change the environment that doesn’t remove choice, but sends a signal for people to make a good decision?” (The New York Times, 2018) In a more successful health initiative, also under Bock’s guidance, Google redesigned their snack kitchens. They prominently displayed healthy options in clear containers (nudge), while placing candy (which was still available) in harder to reach areas. What was the result? Googlers ate 3.1 million fewer calories during seven weeks of the experiment at their New York office. (Wired, 2012)  

Put Employees in a Position to Succeed – Patty McCord

Ultimately, people want to be successful. As Patty McCord, former chief talent officer at Netflix, writes, “True and abiding happiness in work comes from being deeply engaged in solving a problem with talented people… and from knowing that the customer loves the product or service you all have worked so hard to make.” And, this can-do spirit spills over into other areas of employees’ lives as well. But, how do you set people up for success? According to McCord, “Excellent colleagues, a clear purpose, and well-understood deliverables: that’s the powerful combination.”   

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