Send Your Employer a Thank You Card this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. You know you should get your boss a holiday gift. But what on earth should you buy? Sometimes, the best present is a heartfelt Thank You. Here are three beautiful ways to express your gratitude.  

Write a Handwritten Note  

Sure. You could send a text or an email. However, handwritten notes add a personal touch and seem more sincere. Find a beautiful holiday card. Then, compose your message. Think of one to three memorable experiences from the last year. Did your employer trust you with a big project? Offer you an opportunity to advance your career? Take the whole team on a fantastic corporate retreat or support you during a challenging time? Highlight these events and thank your boss for everything he or she has done. End by sending along your best wishes for the upcoming year.  

Get Crafty  

Would you like to be a bit more creative? Combine your handwritten note with a self-designed card. If you have some fun snapshots from the workplace, you can print a photo card at your local drugstore’s photo center or through an online service like Shutterfly or SnapfishIf crafting is more your style, check out these 30 DIY Christmas card ideasWhat if your boss doesn’t celebrate Christmas? No problem. Put together a winter-themed cocoa holder card instead.   

Say Thanks with a Video  

If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” think what you could say with a video. To make your live-action card even more meaningful, recruit your coworkers. Ask each person to think of a brief thank you message and then record their speeches on your phone. Finally, mix the clips with work photos from the past year, inspirational messages, music, special effects, and some fancy editing. Let everyone involved check out the final production before sending it along.       

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