How to Set an Attainable Goal for Yourself This New Year

Although New Year’s resolutions are popular, we all know the familiar story. We set a goal on January 1st, and by February 1st, our plans are long forgotten. So, how can you make 2020 different? Follow these steps to set an attainable goal for yourself this new year. 

Start with a Stretch Goal

Goals can be tricky. You want to push yourself but not set an impossible objective. That’s why you’ll have to find a balance between too easy and too complicated. Make a list of things you wish you could accomplish. Lose weight. Launch a side business. Find a better paying job. Learn to scuba dive. Then, circle those that most excite you. After all, you’re more likely to succeed if you can stay inspired. Finally, pick the most realistic goal for you. For instance, iyou have lots of other responsibilities this yearComplete a professional certification course,” would be a better choice than Earn an MBA in twelve months.  

Break Your Stretch Goal into Smaller Parts

Once you have identified your high aspiration, you will need to break it down into more manageable piecesFor example, if your stretch goal is Find a better paying job, possible steps may include: research my market value, search for current openings, rewrite my resume, send out applications, and prepare for interviews.  

Make Your Smaller Goals SMART

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and based on a Timeline. Detailing the distinctive parts of each objective will help keep you focusedIn his book Smarter Faster Better, Charles Duhigg recommends writing out a to-list for each micro goal along with your stretch goal listed at the top. This might appear as follows:  

Stretch Goal: Find a better paying job.
Specific: Research my market value.
Measurable: Spend one to two hours searching for information.
Achievable: Investigate websites like Glassdoor and
Realistic: Clear my schedule for at least one night next week.
Timeline: Complete by Jan. 15th. 

Track Your Progress

Now that you have recorded your micro goals and the steps needed to complete them, tracking your progress will be much easier. To stay on task, post your goals somewhere, you’ll see them every day. This could be on your bedroom mirror, on your refrigerator, or your phone screen. If you require even more motivation, check off your list and give yourself grades as you go.  

Reevaluate as Needed

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you may miss deadlines. Instead of giving up, plan to reevaluate, and possibly reschedule every month or so. Maybe the micro-goals you set were too ambitious? Give yourself some room to make mistakes and fall behind, so you still can complete your overall objective.   

Is Finding a Job One of Your Goals for the New Year?

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