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Do You Hate Your Job Or Hate Working?

You’ve decided you’re unhappy at work. But do you hate your job or hate workingBefore you start looking for something else, you need to figure out what’s wrong. 

Signs You Hate Your Job 

    • You dread going to work 
    • You worry about your job during your free time 
    • You repeatedly catch yourself complaining about work 
    • You’ve distanced yourself from your co-workers 
    • You feel frustrated because you wish you liked your job 
    • You’re noticed symptoms of stress such as headaches and insomnia 
    • Your recent bad habits, like overeating, seem to be work-related 

Signs You Hate Working 

    • You find your job boring  
    • You regularly watch the clock and leave as soon as possible 
    • You do the bare minimum to get the job done  
    • You’ve become an expert at time-wasting activities like surfing the internet, gossiping with co-workers and obsessively checking your phone 
    • Whenever you are at work, you wish you could be doing something else   

Steps to Take Before You Switch Jobs

Identify the Issues
In her book, I Don’t Know What I Want But I Know It’s Not ThisJulie Jansen writes, “A common mistake that many people make after deciding they are unhappy in their work is to jump immediately into updating their resume and responding to postings on job boards, completely overlooking the first and vital step: self-assessment.” For example, if, after reading the lists above, you realize you hate working, switching to the same position at a different company isn’t going to solve the problem. Start by writing down everything you hate about your current job. Issues may include the wrong culture, difficult co-workers, poor work/life balance, lack of challenge, or loss of interest.   

 Brainstorm Possible Solutions
Now that you’ve figured out what’s bothering you think about what you could change. For instance, you could switch to another department to avoid a problematic co-worker, or ask for more responsibility, so your job becomes interesting again or try out a side gig to see if you DO like something else better. Of course, ultimately, switching jobs may be the right answer. However, testing out different options will help you choose the best path.  

Especially when you’ve decided to stay where you are, it’s essential to check to see if things are getting better. You don’t want to wait a year only to find yourself stuck in the same place. Therefore, establish a time limit somewhere in the range of three to six months. Set an alarm on your phone or circle the date on your calendar. Then, ask yourself, “Are things better, worse, or the same?” If your answer is worse or the same, then repeat these three steps until you get better results. And, don’t get discouraged. It may take more than one try. 

Are You Ready to Find a Job You Love?

If, despite your best efforts, you still hate your job ohate working, Halpin Staffing Services is here for you. Our recruiters help talented people find great jobs throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern IllinoisSearch our available openings and find your right-fit opportunity today! 



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