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Start Making Connections with Upcoming Graduates

Your company is looking to hire. So, where can you find your next employees? In the rush to post Help Wanted ads, many organizations overlook the potential of connecting with upcoming high school and college graduates. 

The Advantages of Recruiting Upcoming Graduates

The newest members of the workforce bring a unique set of benefits to the table. These include: 

    • Enthusiasm 
    • Fresh perspectives 
    • Adaptability 
    • Familiarity with recent technology 
    • More flexible schedules 
    • Lower base salaries or wages 
    • Less competition (especially if you connect with students before they begin job hunting) 

How to Start Making Connections with Upcoming Graduates 

If you would like to expand your recruiting efforts into school settings, give these strategies a try. 

Embrace Technology

Today’s graduates grew up with a computer in their pocket, so be prepared to meet them where they are. Work toward developing or expanding your organization’s social media presence. If this seems overwhelming, begin with LinkedIn and add on from thereAlso, make sure your business is mobile friendly. It should be easy to view your website AND submit an application from any device.  

Build Your School Network

By forming relationships with college career centers and high school guidance offices, you can advertise current openings at your company. To take networking a step further, reach out to academic departments and clubs as wellIn addition, look for ways to provide value to students so they know and love your brand. For example, you could give industry-related presentations on campus, host tours of your facilities, or offer job-shadow days.  

Attend Career Fairs

Many businesses already attend college and high school recruitment fairs. To give your organization an edge, build buzz for the upcoming event on your social media channels. And, of course, encourage interested students to stop by. Finally, don’t forget to collect contact information so you can keep in touch with promising candidates. 

Offer Internships

Internships can be a win/win situation. Companies can use internships to cover summer vacations and to observe potential employees on the job. Meanwhile, students and recent graduates can use internships to gain hands-on experience and to expand their resumes. However, remember internships should provide high-quality work. Students want to spend their time learning new skills, not running errands around town.    

Create Brand Ambassadors

Does your company have a recent graduate success story? Maybe you just added an intern to your permanent team? Or perhaps your outreach efforts inspired a student to pursue an unexpected career path? Share these testimonials on social media. And, invite your success stories to join you at recruiting events as brand ambassadors. Hearing these stories allows current students to envision the possibilities at your organization.    

Are You Looking for More Recruiting and Hiring Advice?

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