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How to Begin Job Hunting After COVID-19 Unemployment

Did you lose your job during the Coronavirus pandemic? You are not alone. Millions of people filed for unemployment throughout the spring of 2020. If you’re ready to look for work again, here’s how to begin job hunting after COVID-19 unemployment. 

Start Immediately

There may not be many positions available now, but don’t use this as an excuse to delay your search. You are wasting valuable time. Instead, think about what you CAN do to prepare for your upcoming job hunt. That way, when openings do appear, you won’t be scrambling to put your application materials together. You’ll be ready to go! 

Update Your Resume

If you haven’t dusted off your resume in some time, tackle this first. Make a list of your recent accomplishments, experiences, and certifications. (Be sure to include any online learning or professional development you may have completed while you were out of work.) Then, add these items to your resume while removing any outdated information. Also, remember, eventually, you’ll want to create an ATS-friendly resume for each position to which you apply. However, having a polished standard resume will make this process easier. 

Revisit Your Social Media Accounts

Recent statistics show up to 70 percent of employers use social media as a screening tool. So, make sure your channels are work-friendly. After all, one poor-taste comment could cost you a job. Browse through your accounts. Delete anything that may be considered offensive and lockdown channels you would prefer to keep private. Also, take some time to create and/or update your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is wonderful platform to display an extended version of your resume as well to highlight your industry connections.  

Set Up Job Alerts

Rather than spending hours every day scouring the job boards, let computers do the work for you. Most major job boards, staffing websites and social media channels, like LinkedIn, offer automated job alerts. In most cases, youll need to create an account and specify what types of positions interest you. Then, sit back and watch as relevant openings automatically appear in your inbox or text messages. And since often alerts are instantaneous, you’ll learn about openings before your less techsavvy competitors.     

Connect with a Staffing Service

According to job-hunting expert, Richard N. Bolles, “No one should ever have to job-hunt all by themselves if they can avoid it. We all need encouragement and support along the way.” So, where should you turn? Friends, family and your network are fantastic resourcesand don’t forget to connect with a recruiter too. Most employment agencies offer resume reviews, contract-to-hire opportunities, permanent placements and more. Plus, since staffing firms charge companies not job seekers, you can take advantage of all these services for free. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 

Are You Ready to Begin Job Hunting After COVID-19 Unemployment?

Halpin Staffing Services is here for you! Our expert recruiters place general laborers, skilled trades workers, warehouse associates and other professionals throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern IllinoisBrowse our current openings (or set up job alerts) today! 



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