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Start Looking Forward to Monday

Certainly, most people find weekends more enjoyable than weekdaysBut that doesn’t mean you have to dread every upcoming week. Here are five tricks to help you look forward to Monday.   

Schedule a Fun Event

When you have something fun planned, it’s easier to look forward to the day ahead. So, if possible, make Monday your go-to day for events. Meet a friend for lunch, set up a special afterwork activity with your kids, or make Monday night, movie night. Your plan doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. In fact, even a minor Monday tradition can transform the day.     

Get Outdoors

Research shows the right balance of sunlight can boost your mood. So, if you’re struggling with the Monday blues, force yourself to go outside. Even in colder temperatures, a quick walk around the block will work wonders. Or combine your efforts and plan an outdoor event every Monday. For example, take a lunchtime walk with a friend or go to the park with your kids. 

Plan a Special Dinner

You know the feeling. You finally made it through Monday. You’re back home… and now you have NO idea what to do for dinner. Ugh. However, with a little bit of planning, you can look forward to Monday nights all day long. Shop and meal prep over the weekend, so you have a delicious meal ready to go. But… What if you had a busy weekend? Or what if you don’t like to cook. No problem. Simply, make Mondays take-out night or go-out-to-eat night. Either way, the first night of the workweek will be easier and more relaxing.  

Change Your Screensaver

This is a simpland surprisingly effective way to brighten the start of your week. Every Monday morning, spend five minutes changing the background image on your computer screen and phone. You can revisit happy memories by browsing family photos, reduce stress with mental escape pictures, or simply have some fun with memes or pictures of your favorite movie stars. 

Find a Job You Love

If, despite your best efforts, Mondays still bring you down, you may be ready for a change of pace. Although very few people jump out of bed every Monday morning brimming with excitement, you shouldn’t be hiding under your covers either. A toxic culture, an uninspiring role, or a problematic boss will drain your energy every single weekLooking for a new job can be scary, but it could be the key to a happier life. 

Are You Ready to Look Forward to Monday?

If you KNOW you need to find a better job, but you don’t know where to start, Halpin Staffing Services is here for you. Our recruiters place talented candidates with top companies throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern IllinoisStop dreading Mondays by finding the RIGHT job today! 



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