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You Are Finding Candidates, But Not the RIGHT Candidates

Hiring can be a challengeSometimes you have no trouble finding candidates. But when you start interviewing, no one quite fits your requirements. Use these three strategies to uncover the RIGHT candidates the first time around. 

Rewrite Your Job Descriptions

If one candidate after another fails to meet your expectations, you may need to revisit the job description. Start by identifying possible problems. Pull out a piece of paper and write across the top, “What skills and qualities did the last five candidates lack?” Then, make a list. Next, compare this to the current job posting. Do the items on your list appear in the job description? If not, you need to clarify your expectations and clearly outline them in the job posting. Hiring expert Scott Wintrip recommends using a Hire-Right Profile to help you distinguish between your requirements (dealmakers/dealbreakers) and your wishes (boosts/blocks).      

Prescreen Applicants

Interviews are time-consuming for everyone. You need to assemble your interview team, schedule appointments, and of course, conduct the interview. And then, after going to all this trouble, it’s incredibly frustrating to discover the candidate isn’t a good fit. To avoid this experience, consider prescreening your applicantsMost job boards allow you to add a handful of pre-employment questions to your application. So, in addition to submitting a resume and cover letter, potential candidates will be asked to give written replies to a few basic questions. These may include, “Why do you want to work for this company?” and “What is your ideal working environment?” Applicant’s responses will give you a better sense of their fit for the position before you begin the interview process.  

Partner with a Staffing Service

If you’re struggling to find qualified candidates on your own, try contacting a local employment agency. The right staffing service will consult with you to determine the exact person you needPlus, recruiters have lots of experience writing highly effective job descriptions. And since they already have extensive databases of potential candidates, they’ll be able to locate your perfect match quickly and efficiently. This can be a smart strategy whether your trying to fill a specialized position, an executive role, or even a general hire.      

Does Your Company Need Help Finding the RIGHT Candidates?

Halpin Staffing Services matches great companies with great candidates throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. Our team would be happy to meet with you, review your needs, and present you with only top-quality candidates. So, you can spend less time hiring and more time focusing on your business. Learn more about the advantages of partnering with Halpin today! 



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