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5 Principles of Successful People

Are you hoping for a higher paying job? A more fulfilling career? Or just a better you? If you’re ready to journey down the path to self-improvement, start by following these five principles of successful people. 

Embrace Passions AND Talents

In his famous commencement speech at Stanford University, Steve Jobs advised graduates, “You’ve got to find what you love.” And while passion is essential to success, it isn’t the only ingredient. You may LOVE major league baseball, but most people don’t have the skill set to earn a spot on an MLB team. Successful people recognize the need to combine passions with talents. For example, someone who’s good with numbers but not very athletic could pursue a career as a sports statistician.  

Set Meaningful Goals

Most of us have had one of those days where we’re constantly busy but don’t accomplish much. Successful people learn how to minimize daily distractions and invest in meaningful tasks. In his book Smarter Faster Better, Charles Duhigg recommends combining long-term stretch goals with shorter-term SMART objectives for the best results. Check out this post on setting attainable goals for more tips.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Since elementary school, the word “fail strikes fear into our hearts. After all, failure is embarrassing, uncomfortable, and challenging to overcome. Or is it? Successful people redefine failures as learning opportunities. They pick up the pieces, reevaluate, and push forward with the advantage of newly discovered information. As Winston Churchill once said, “Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Don’t Indulge in SelfPity.

Feeling sorry for yourself is easy. You were wronged. Life is against you. The world owes you. Unfortunately, wallowing in self-pity wastes time and energy. Successful people understand life isn’t fairRather than pointing fingers or making excuses, they focus on how to react to and rebound from difficult circumstances. 

Surround Yourself with Great People

According to American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Although this may seem like an exaggeration, we all recognize the power of those around us. Good influences help us to become better, whereas bad influences tend to drag us down. Successful people work to avoid toxic energy and instead surround themselves with people who inspire and support them. 

Are You Trying to Become More Successful Person? 

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