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3 Tips to Live Your Life For the Week, Not Just the Weekend

Do you celebrate every Friday afternoon and hide under the covers every Monday morningDon’t let work get you down. Follow these 3 tips to live your life for the week, not just the weekend. 


How to Live Your Life for the Week, Not Just the Weekend 

Focus on the Positive During the Week 

Hopefully, you like something about your job. (If not, check out tip #3.) However, it’s probably easier to complain. You have a huge project coming up. You’re unstaffed. Your employees will be uncooperative about working extra hours. Ugh. Perhaps you should stay in bed after all? But what if you flipped your perspective and noted wins instead of lossesYour company has the chance to tackle a huge project that could propel your business to the next levelYou know a great recruiter who can help you hire the extra people you’ll need. You’re looking forward to handing out end-of-project bonuses to reward everyone for all their additional efforts. When you switch your mindset to focus on the positive, dreaded obstacles, turn into exciting challenges.     

Plan Something Fun on a Weekday 

On the weekends, you may sleep in, go out with friends, or catch a movie. Then, during the week, you work. Of course, weekends sound more enjoyable. So, put a little weekend into your week. Plan something fuon Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You could bring in donuts and coffee for your employees. Host a catered lunch. Or coordinate a teambuilding activity or office game to brighten up what would otherwise be another ordinary workday.    

Re-evaluate Your Work Life 

If you’ve tried the strategies above and they don’t seem to make a difference, you may need to re-evaluate your work situation. Start by asking yourself, “What’s the problem with work?” Pull out a sheet of paper and brainstorm. Are you setting yourself up against unrealistic expectations? Are you burned out because you’re neglecting your work/life balance? Is it difficult to get along with your employees? Once you’ve clarified the problems, you can begin to develop solutionsMaybe you need to set more attainable goals? Maybe you should schedule in more downtime? Or maybe you’ll want to build a better team?  

Are You Ready to Live for the Week, Not Just the Weekend?  

An enjoyable workplace starts with the right employees. Whether you’re looking for temporary help or permanent team members, our recruiters are here for you. As a local full-service staffing agencyHalpin Staffing Services places talented and reliable people with top companies throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern IllinoisLearn more about all the staffing solutions Halpin offers today!    



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